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We design and deliver integrative STEAM educational programs and content for K-20 students, young professionals and educators.


Our hands-on, minds-on programs, content and courses provide exciting, meaningful and authentic learning experiences in and out of classrooms around the world. 

Educator Courses

We love to design and deliver short and long duration courses for professional development or training of formal, informal, non-formal and homeschool educators and professionals! We provide more than just Cubes in Space training - we are continuing to build our catalog!


Immersive, longer-term educational experiences for students, educators or professionals. Check out our Cubes in Space program! Want us to design and manage a challenge or contest for you? Want a bespoke course, workshop or camp for your school or organization? We can deliver!

Student Courses

For high school students 14-18 years of age, we are offering two online opportunities; the Cubes in Space Online Academy and the new Cubes in Space ION+ Online Course.  If students are 11-13 years of age, we are offering the new Cubes in Space Cadets Program though Outschool. 

Big Science in Little Cubes!

Cubes in Space

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We do NOT fly cubesats, nanosats or any other small satellites. This program is for non-university students to conduct suborbital scientific and engineering research. We will NOT select any "world's smallest satellite" themed experiments or concepts. All powered experiments will now be submitted through our upcoming ION+ Program, which will have an associated cost.
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Cubes in Space

Online Programs

For Formal, Informal and Homeschool Educators
and Students
If you are an adult and want to provide Cubes in Space to one or one thousand students, we have "use at your own pace" online training and course materials for you. Use the resources to help students design creative, high-quality experiments and write proposals to submit to be considered for a spot on a NASA suborbital mission.


Experiments Flown



What people are saying...

"Cubes in Space provides a phenomenal platform, which is both meaningful and student-centered, for increasing student interest in STEM; especially for girls. As an educator, this unique opportunity also enriches my personal interest in space education."

Margot Solberg

"My daughter really enjoyed this session and her interaction with Amber Agee-DeHart. She left the conversation encouraged and enthusiastic about the many STEAM opportunities out there which align with her interests. The instructor took extra time to engage with me ahead of the session to determine my daughter's areas of interest, so that she could provide specific information and opportunities available in those fields. I am very appreciative of the time, effort and encouragement Amber provided and we look forward to participating in future educational sessions with her."

Angela L. 

“Cubes in Space ultimately sparked [my] growing passion for the science field…[which] led me to currently pursue a STEM major/career. Overall, Cubes in Space was a life-changing experience for me.”

D. Daniel

We love integrative STEAM learning!


Ingenuity Taking Flight

Cubes in Space