Cubes in Space 2023

Purchase Guaranteed Spot(s) on Mission(s)

Want to guarantee* your experiment will fly on either the Sounding Rocket-9 or Research Balloon-8 mission this year?  Well you can!  

If you want to purchase more than one space on a mission.  Contact us and [email protected] or [email protected] for information on a bulk purchase. We do provide invoices and purchase orders.  
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Guaranteed Cube Information

Purchase Information

  • 1 Secured/Guaranteed spot (cube) on mission of choice
  • Enrollment in Standard Course
  • Discount on RocketFest 2023 Registration Fee
  • Special Cubes in Space promo items
  • Discount for purchase of 3 or more guaranteed cubes
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What Does "Guaranteed" Mean?

A guaranteed cube (spot/space) on the mission of your choice means that you get to select whether your experiment will fly on a NASA sounding rocket or research balloon mission.  

Are there things we can or can't fly on a NASA mission?

Yes.  The experiment MUST meet all of NASA's and Cubes in Space's requirements and constraints.  There ARE prohibited items, materials and experiment types.  We do NOT fly cubesats/nanosats/smallsats/microsats or the world's smallest satellites.  

$150 discount if you purchase a cube by 20 February 2023.

Use the promo code on the right when you register, to get advantage of this offer before it ends!
Use promo code: FlyMyCube2023


Frequently asked questions

What does "guaranteed" mean?

This means that we will definitely fly your experiment on either the Cubes in Space Sounding Rocket-9 (SR-9) or the Research Balloon-8 (RB-8) mission this year. 

What happens if the mission we select is cancelled or delayed?

Then we will fly your experiment on the next available mission.  Sometimes unforeseen events happen, and NASA has to cancel or delay a mission.  This is rare, but it can happen.  For instance, if your experiment was to fly on the SR-9 mission in June from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility - and the flight was cancelled - then you can choose to fly your experiment on the RB-8 mission in August or wait until 2024.  

Since I'm paying for my spot, can I fly anything I want? 

Short answer - no.  Whatever you fly must conform to the NASA and Cubes in Space set of regulations, requirements and constraints.  For instance, no liquids are permitted to fly on the SR-9 mission.  And we are not able to fly powered experiments on the SR-9 mission.  Also, we do NOT fly cubesats/nanosats/smallsats/picosats/microsats, etc...or any experiment that attempts to circumvent prohibited items.  

Experiments must be approved by Cubes in Space.  And all experiments are inspected by Team Cubes in Space and NASA personnel prior to flight.  If prohibited items are included, the experiment will not fly.  And refunds are not issued.  
Cubes in Space 2023

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